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The Friendly, Helpful & Professional Taxi Service. Get there in Style.

01638 66 99 66

01638 66 99 66

The Friendly, Helpful & Professional Taxi Cab Service. Get there in Style.

Style Taxis Newmarket

For Taxis to Newmarket Race Course

Style are well known and liked throughout the Newmarket area.  Our polite, friendly staff are always on call to take you where you need to go and Newmarket Racecourse is no exception.   We provide taxi prices to the race course for racing, Newmarket Nights and the corporate events that take place there.


How Far is Newmarket Racecourse From the Railway Station?

Newmarket Railway Station is just under 2 miles from Newmarket Race Course, when traffic is light this takes 5 minutes, heavy traffic approximately 15-20 minutes.  If you wish to book a taxi from Newmarket railway station to the racecourse the Newmarket taxi number you need is 01638 66 99 66.

We provide our customers and clients:

A reliable service at all times

Good quality, comfortable vehicles

Genuinely polite and friendly drivers



Racing at Newmarket